What is S.P.A. (Salus Per Aquam)?

In Latin, the abbreviation, SPA, is the combination of the words for health and water - meaning health from water or with water. In general, SPA is a path to health, vitality, aesthetic beauty and improvement through the healing power of water.

SPA treatments can be classified as wet therapies (hydrotherapy), dry therapies (massages, body wraps), vitality treatments (oxygen therapy) and beauty treatments. A SPA center usually includes saunas, baths and SPA pools. Emet Thermal Resort’s difference is its thermal waters that are rich in minerals.

  • These therapies can help regulate blood circulation.
  • They can accelerate the removal of toxins from the body.
  • They can help the digestive system work properly.
  • They can help heal rheumatic diseases.
  • Treatments can relax and loosen muscles; particularly effective at relieving muscle spasms after intense sport or exercise.
  • It can reduce bone and joint pain.
  • It renews our body's dynamism. It will, of course, re-energize you.
  • Treatments can help relieve negative effects on the nervous system like brain fatigue and stress that result from overworking, replacing these with clarity and vigor.
  • It removes excessive electric charge from the body, offering you relief.
  • It can have a healing effect on issues such as sleep disorders, depressive tendencies or tension.
  • It is beneficial for both smoothing and beautifying skin.

Applied Massages


Applied to the back and the neck, this massage offers numerous health benefits as a primary relaxation treatment directed towards relieving the body of fatigue and everyday stress.

boyun masajı


Applied to the stress zones of the back, neck and feet, this calming massage regulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles to directly affect the nervous system.

anti stres masajı


Applied to the entire body from the feet to the head, this massage accelerates blood circulation in the body, completely relieving the muscular and nervous system while helping to remove toxins.

klasik masaj


Applied to the entire body, this comforting and calming massage utilizes massage oils prepared with plant extracts. It is a low-intensity, light-movement massage that provides ultimate relaxation.

aroma terapi masajı


Applied to the entire body, this relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation and flow, while relieving muscle aches. Pain reliever, loosening cream and pomade are utilized.

sağlık masajı


One of the oldest Tibetan therapies, this soft-tissue massage utilizes honey. The honey’s active biological properties, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, offer a unique treatment for human skin through the interaction of these nutritional components.

bal masajı