Beauty Center

With specially prepared skin care products and clays, you will have clean and smooth skin. Our specialists can also offer you more information on this topic for your future health and well-being. The treatment techniques used in our facility are as follows:


Chocolate has a special impact and feel on the human body. The antioxidants and natural extracts in cacao offer beneficial effects: cacao oil helps to soften, nourish and moisten the body, as well as reduce the effects of aging. Applied to the entire body, this massage releases the hormone of happiness and stimulates positive thoughts.

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This treatment to reduce and tighten cellulite areas is extremely effective and one of the oldest known natural methods to do this. Algae helps to eliminate toxins in the body, stimulating both oxygen intake and regular circulation. The rich vitamins and minerals in algae produce a diluting and refreshing effect on the fat in the cellulite area, preventing fat formation and tightening the skin. Containing substances that address imbalances in the thyroid hormone, the water algae accelerates metabolism. Different mineral contents soften and cleanse the skin, making it silky.

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A combination of clay and thermal waters, this application relaxes joints and muscles, while cleaning pores, preventing calcification and strengthening the skin. In addition, it balances the body and produces a soft, renewed appearance in skin, as well as absorbing the body’s excess electricity.

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Thanks to the important minerals found in certain types of mud, these treatments have been utilized in health and beauty treatments for thousands of years. Mud treatments help with the body’s fluid balance, they regenerate cells, regulate metabolism, and reduce joint pain. This soothing and relaxing treatment is applied to the entire body.

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