Emet Thermal Resort / Accommodation

Set in a 97,000 square meter botanical park, the Emet Thermal Resort Hotel was established to bring the concepts of health and vacation together and to provide quality service to its clients. The facility operates in the Emet district of Kütahya, situated in the middle of the Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir triangle, offering 83 standard rooms, 4 Gold Suites and 36 Family Suites. Healing thermal water is available in every room at the facility.

Services provided at the full-scale tourism facility Emet Thermal Resort Hotel include the following:

3 Family-style Turkish baths

Sauna & fitness

Spa & beauty center

Thermal pools

Activity hall with 400-person capacity

Activity hall with 400-person capacity

Massage rooms


Children's Amusement Park

Tennis court

Volleyball court

Basketball court

In the Degirmen Cafe and the Divan Cafe Bistro, both set on the facility amid lush greenery, you can luxuriate in fresh, clean air while sipping a coffee, surrounded by the sounds of birds.

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